Labelling Bottles with Just Miniatures

Labelling Bottles with Just Miniatures

Just Miniatures challenged AM Labels (AML) with the task of automating their bottle labelling process.

 Just Miniatures were printing labels on an A4 inkjet printer and manually applying the printed labels, both front and back, onto their wine bottles. Not only was it costing them dearly in time, they also needed to achieve accurate label positioning which was very difficult by hand. The manual process was holding them back from getting more business; they needed a more efficient way to label their bottles.

 In stepped AML, providing and installing a complete end-to-end solution. The solution consisted of a VP485 colour label printer, blank glossy labels, a waste stripping system and a bottle labeller.

AML recommended the VP485 to achieve edge-to-edge full colour labels. The VP485 is the only colour inkjet label printer to use separate inkjet cartridges for each of the four process colours, it has the fastest print speed and best resolution currently available. With Just Miniatures needing to print edge-to-edge, they required a waste stripping system which would enable them to achieve this and subsequently use a label applicator.

AML supplied the Primera bottle label applicator, capable of applying two labels directly opposite each other onto the bottle, the applicator did everything Just Miniatures needed. Simple to use and operate, the bottle labeller can hold up to ten different bottle label settings at one time.

“Applying the labels using the bottle label applicator has saved over two thirds of the time it used to take manually. End-to-end the process has cut labelling time in half. Financing the complete system made clear financial sense.”

Gavin Alexander, Managing Director, Just Miniatures

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